Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hermit Weekend..............

WOW...this year is flying by fast.  We are heading into the 3rd weekend of the month and it is time for the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend.  You can click on the little icon to the right and read all about it.
I don't know how much I will get done this weekend and I probably won't be a hermit as the spring weather is beautiful.  Last weekend I weeded my flower bed and this weekend I might plant a few if not as least go and shop for the flowers.  Then there is the garden spot to till up.  Have not done that yet.  Plus we have to work the cows this weekend.  Get ready for hay season here soon.  Man sounds like I won't get any stitching done.  NO I plan on stitching even if I have to stitch in between the cows and the flowers.

I plan on getting the wings done and the flower on the box with "Flowers in the Fall".
I also will work on DT Alpine Garden.  I have gotten the middle done which was very time consuming as there were alot of one color stitches scattered everywhere for flowers.  I am backstitching the trees in the middle and then can start on the next section.  I am on a down hill slide with this piece and if all goes right I could have it done by this weekend.
I do want to put a few stitches in ATS.  I was supposed to do a motiff each night, but that has not been happening.  I have one word for not doing this... "KIDS".

Well will you come and join the Hermit Stitch Weekend with us?
Thank you for visiting.

P.S.  B had ended up in 2nd place with his "Pi" contest.  He got to 94 and drew a blank.  I think the pressure got to him.  The girl who won 1st place got up to 102.  So close.  But great fun was had by all.

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