Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beautiful spring day.................

What a beautiful spring day here in NW Arkansas.  Sun is shining, birds are singing, trees are blooming...aaahhhchooo.  Yes allergies, this time of the year.  Not so much me, but my two boys have the sniffles.  The little one more than the older.  Usually a round or two of Zyrtec seems to do the trick.
Very productive day today.  Weeded the front flower bed.  Getting organized to start planting another vegetable garden.  We haven't planted one in a couple of years.  Between the deer, bunnies, and groundhog...we didn't get much of a harvest.  And no, none of the crystals you sprinkle or spray around your garden to keep rodents out works.  We are going to do a fence.  The deer usually don't come down that much into the yard, they just stay on the out skirts.  So we will see what we get this year.
Now doing laundry and settling down to stitch some this afternoon.  I think I will start on the LaVieEnRose class from Jackie.  It should be a quick stitch.

Well I am off....have a great Saturday.


  1. I admire your detetminaton, it is hard to put in all that work and not enjoy the fruit of your labor. Hope the fence works out. Darlene

  2. I always laugh when i see people buying food for critters when they eat so much for free at my house! Enjoy your stitchy day!