Sunday, January 4, 2015

Been too long.........................

My Dear Friends,
It seems like I can not get to this blog to post even though I have a lot to share. But I intend to do something about this and post more often. 
I have finished 4 projects this year.
I have finished:
"My Brother's Keeper" by Plum Street Sampler which I had posted earlier this year.

Next was "Far, Far Away" by Shepherd's Bush.  This was fun to stitch up.  I always love the silks they use and the soft colors as well.  (Sorry if my pictures are not all that good.  I did not have great light.)

Then I also finished "Maria Dale" Sampler that is in Vol. 1 of the Sampler and Antique Needlework.
This is all one color.  I used 500 DMC on 28ct. Lambswool.  I think this is what it called for.  I still astounds me that a 6 year old girl stitched this.  When I was six...I did start to stitch with my grandma but was more into Barbie's and such.  No way could I have done something like this at her age. 
Last finish of the year was "My Son" by Indigo Rose.  I added my own spin on this sampler and added my two son's names on this.  I had started this years ago and it was good to get this WIP done. 

Oh....I did have two other finishes as well.  I forgot all about them.
I had done the finishing on Merry Cox's "Americana Sewing Case".  Merry came to Arkansas in 2007 and taught this class.  I had it all stitched up but did not have any of the finishing done.  I was excited to get some finishing done as I am very slow in that department.

The other finish that I had was Merry Cox's "House on the Hill Beckon's to Thee".   I had seen a lady wanting to sell this as she was not going to stitch it.  It had everything including the carrier, which are now unavailable as Orleans Shaker Company is no longer, and the scrimshaw ruler.  I knew I needed to buy this as I was afraid Merry would not be teaching this piece again and this is one of my favorites of hers.  There is a little pincushion to go with but I have not gotten that done yet.  Maybe this year. 

I hope to get more finishing done this year.  I am trying to get the "Americana Sewing Case" by Merry Cox done before Jan. 16, 2015.  I am too far away from being done.  I just love how it is turning out. 

I am so excited.  I leave in less then 2 weeks for Mesa, AZ.  I am going to the Attic's,
January Symposium.  One of the presentations will be "19th Century Mourning Practices" by Sandra Ball.  She had done this lecture with for the Swan Sampler Needlework Guild and I had wished that I had lived in Salt Lake City at the time to hear her speak.  When I learned that she was giving this out in Mesa, I was elated.  She will also be presenting Grave stone art work.  Which will be interesting as well.
Next on the agenda will be Holly Rison teaching us how to do scrimshaw pieces.  So excited about this one also.  But I am most excited that Merry Cox will be teaching projects during the weekend and then a separate project on the Monday after the weekend symposium.  This will be fun as I am meeting up with two other ladies from Arkansas.  Ann from the Shepherds Needle in Little Rock and another lady that I have not met yet, I know it will be fun to meet her as well, as stitching always brings new friendships.  So the count down is on..  If you would like to read more about the symposium click on this newsletter and it should take you to the newest newsletter posted by the Attic. 

Well B has officially started swimming for his high school.  He is not at the high school taking classes there yet, but they let freshmen swim as the other teams that we compete against, their school districts have the 9th grade in with the high schools.  In his first meet he came in 6th place in his 100 breast stroke.  He is only 14 and the ones that beat him were 16, 17 and 18 year olds.  So I think he did fantastic.  I say slow and steady wins the race, with him dropping time.  He will get there eventually.

And R just loved cross country this year.  7th graders were allowed to run for the Jr. High.  Our 7th grade is still middle school and Jr. high is 8th and 9th grade.  So he will also get to do track in the spring same way.  He really enjoyed it and can't wait for next year. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year.  
I will be posting soon about projects that I am working on, and letting you know how a rotation plan is working for me. 
Til then Happy Stitching.