Friday, December 30, 2011

WIPocalypse 2012 and Crazy January Challenge

I have decided to join the WIPocalypse 2012 Challenge. Since the "world" will be coming to an "end" in 2012, Melissa has organized this stitch along.
The WIPocalypse is a stitch-a-long playing up on the joke that the world will end in 2012. It's short for Works In Progress Apocalypse. The goal for the WIPocalypse is to make progress on our projects. On each full moon I will post an update of my progress. I am hoping I can get somethings done.
You can read more about this at Melissa blog up above.

Here is my list for WIPocalypse:
I have tons of stuff that I have done the stitching on but need to do the finishing. I can do my own finishing but I need time as I do a little at a time. So I have devised a plan to get things finished.

I will finish one project a month. So here is my list for that:

January: Swan Lake Mending Bag and Accessories by Merry Cox Finished 2/21/2012
February: Flowers in the Fall by Merry Cox
March: Souvenir Book by Merry Cox
April: Diminutive Sewing Set by Merry Cox
May: French Bon Bon Box by Merry Cox
June: Petite Treasures by Merry Cox
July: Americana Sewing Set by Merry Cox
August: Birds and Berries Set by Merry Cox
September: Shepherds Sewing Case by Merry Cox
October: Strawberry Sewing Set by Hillside Samplings
November: Chatelaine by Drawn Thread
December: Milady's Petite Treasures/Grateful to Thee by Merry Cox

These are the projects that I want to get done this year:
And They Sinned
Sampler in a Year
Something Blue - Finished 2/12/2012
Winter Moon
My Son
Alpine Garden - Finished 3/21/2012
SANQ House Sampler
Sail Away
Friends - Finished 2/2/2012

These projects I want to get the stitching done but the finishing will have to wait:
The Courtship
Beautiful Day in Williamsburg
Flower's from thy Garden
Quaker Needlework Treasures - Finished the stitching. 1/22/2012

List of WIP's that I may stitch on through the year:
First Stitches
And a Forest Grew
Carried Away
O Come Emanuel
May Your Hands/Shady Bower
Folkart Needlwork Tray and Accessories
The Cornwall Sampler
Unfinished Bellpull
Afghan Wandering Vine
Folkart Thread Keep
Folkart Needleroll
Victorian Carrier
Things that go Bump in the Night
French Mongram
Lady Sampler and Slipper
Heirloom Christmas
A Gatherer
Sailor's Blessing
Elizabethan Purse and Accessories

I am taking classes with Merry Cox this year at the Attic and there will be prestitching for the kits.
I will have the stitching done but I take good notes and will do the finishing in the comfort of my own home.

I am also taking online classes with Amy Mitten that starts January 25th and I am so excited to be doing Tricia Wilson Ngyuen's online class of the Cabinet of Curisioity. How exciting to make a 17th century casket. This starts in May and will be an 18 months course. I can not wait.

I am also going to be doing the "Crazy January Challenge" for 2012 but I put my own spin on it. Instead of starting 15 projects the first 15 days of January, I stitch 15 projects for two days. That way I get a great start on them.
Here is my list for the challenge:
Jan 1-2 Flower Pin Cushion
Jan 3-4 This One's for Betty
Jan 5-6 Nantucket 1800's House Workbox Accessories
Jan 7-8 Spring Flower Pin Cushion
Jan 9-10 Box Cube 1
Jan 11-12 Christmas Pin Cube
Jan 13-14 Come Terry
Jan 15-16 Acorn Sampler
Jan 17-18 My Treasures Sewing Case
Jan 19-20 Charmed Hearts
Jan 21-22 Snowy Morn
Jan 23-24 Tocatta II
Jan 25-26 Friesland Amy Mitten Online Class
Jan 27-28 Band Sampler Accessories
Jan 29-30 Silk Wisteria

I hope with this WIPocalypse and Crazy January Challenge I will be stitching a lot more and also be updating my blog.

I hope the New Year brings health, happiness, peace and lots of stitching to each of you.