Sunday, January 7, 2007

Back to Rotation Time

Well I have started back to my rotation. It is hard to do a rotation during the holidays, so I was just stitching on what ever I wanted. I have now listed my projects for my rotation so I can keep track of them. I have kept pretty well to it this week except I did not work on the Spool Holder like I wanted to. I have had this flu and cold symptoms all week and this has really drained the energy from me. I feel a little bit better everyday and hoping I'm back to my old self by this week as I have my SIS (Sisters in Stitches) group meeting this Thursday.
And now that I'm starting to get the hang of this blog business I hope to post more often with my rotation progress.

We are back to our regular schedule this week as kids go back to school on Tuesday. Thank goodness. It upsets my schedule at home also. (Back to normal.) I hope.
Have a good week everyone.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Welcome to Our Neck of the Woods

I wanted to start the new year out right with a blog. Mostly about my stitching, so others can see what I'm doing and maybe become inspired to stitch more. Goodness knows I need all the inspiration I can get for stitching.

So "Welcome" to "Our Neck of the Woods"!! This little place is very tranquil at times with deer and other animals running around. Also looking out off our back deck is Beaver lake. Very peaceful and quiet until my two young sons come screaming around the corner, and a husband who loves to hunt and fish. Yes I am the mother of two very bright, energetic and loving boys and a wife to an extremely outdoorsy guy.

I know I won't be posting here daily but I will try to give an update at least weekly. My boys keep me on the go. But if I can post more I will.

So Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope this year a lot more stitching gets done.