Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Happy 1st day of September!

How can it be September already. 
Summer was a blink of an eye and school just started yesterday right? 
 We are now in the 3rd week of school.

Well we are in full swing with cross country meets and soccer practices for Ryan.
He ran a 15.1 this past Saturday at the practice meet.  He is so happy with that time as he was trying to get between 14-15 minutes.  Last year was the first year he ran and he started out with almost 18 minutes.  So starting out this season with a 15 minute time was great.  His goal is to try to get under or right at 13 minutes.  I think he can do it.  He is working real hard. 

Brandon on the other hand started back swimming with his club.  They were on a 5 week break from long course season which ended the last week of July.  He couldn't wait to get back to swimming and see what he can do this upcoming short course season.  We also had the first meeting and swim practice for high school.  He loves to swim high school as it is a little less stressful.  His goal this year is to try to get his sectional cut times and maybe his junior nationals cuts. 

This picture is Brandon doing the breast stroke (which is his favorite) at the State Meet in July.  

As for me I have started back stitching.  It seems like I don't get much stitching done during the summer.  I need to really change that.  Maybe next year as Brandon is driving and can drive himself to practice then I will have my lunch hour back instead of driving kids here and there. 

I have done a little bit more finishing on "Petite Treasures".  I have lined the tray, and have done the little button bag.  It is so tiny.  I just love it. 


I am working on the scissor case and then the larger bag that the tray and all of the accessories fits into.  I hope to have them done this month.  I have been working on a bit of finishing each night.  Whether it is just cutting out silk or ironing on pellon.  At least something and then it seems like I am getting things done.  Plus boys are doing homework and leaving me along for me to concentrate.  Which is what I need when I am doing some finishing. 

In the past I have been doing a rotation with 5 projects (with the exception of the Summers) and it seems to really work well. 
I choose 5 projects and break them down into an acceptable amount of stitching that I can get done in a month. 
Here they are......lets see if I can make these goals for the month of September.

1.  Come Tarry by Shepherd's Bush  --
      Goal:  Down to the hill row.


2.  May Your Hands/Shady Bower by Thistle Threads  -- 
     Goal:  All of the borders and the verses on the accessories.

3.  Little Paradise Sampler in the SANQ  -- 
     Goal:  The house and the right side with the tree and grass.


4.  Thine is the Trick and Treat by Prairie Moon  -- 
     Goal:  The bottom left side motifs.  Spider web and above the Oct. 31


5.  Grateful to Thee by Merry Cox  --
     Goal:  Stitch needlebook,  sides of box, little square for scissor holder, and square for needle threader case.

I have also finishing goals.  These will range from finishing projects to framing.  I have tons that need to be framed so maybe if I put that in my goals I might be able to get some of them done along with the smalls.
I would like to at least finish one project a month.  If I get a project done faster then I will go on to the next one and so on.  Here is my list.  I will add more once I get projects done.

1.  Petite Treasures by Merry Cox
2.  Table skirt around craft table.

3.  Frame Halloweenies by Plum Street Samplers.

4.  Birds and Berries  by Merry Cox.

5.  Frame monthly Shepherd's Bush Fold.

6.  Refurbish an old night stand for my stitching.  
I will try to get pictures of some of these finishes that I want to do next time around.

I think this will give me a good start for the month of September to get back to my rotation.  And Hopefully my blog will help me stay on track.

I am leaving you with a picture of our cows.  Yes we have a farm and we raise registered black angus cows.  Sometimes it is a pain and sometimes it is fun.  The fun part is in the spring when they are having their babies. 

This is LuLu.  She is 3 yrs. old and we got her as a bottle calf.  Sometimes she likes to be petted, sometimes not.  Just depends on what kind of mood she is in. 
These two are 4057 in front and 43 in the back. 
Well that about wraps up the first day of September.  Hopefully I can meet some of these goals.
Til we meet again my stitching pals.