Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy "Pi" Day................

We are celebrating "Pi" day.  Not the pie you eat but the number. 
My 6th grader is celebrating too in his advanced math class.
Last week his teacher printed out a whole sheet of the number Pi with a zillion numbers after the decimal point.  She told them that this is a contest to see how many numbers they can memorize after that silly decimal.  All I can remember is 14, but B has memorized over 100 numbers.  I am like WOW.  How are you able to do this.  His teacher told them to break it down into sections.  Like 5 numbers and go from there.  He is excited as he said alot of the kids have given up so he might win.  I asked him what do you win.  Get this............ A "Pie in the Face".  I said you want to win that.  He said yes it will be cool.  Then he went on to say that he would get a whole pie to eat too.  I said ok...bring home the pie to eat and just lick off your face.
So we will wait and see how he did.  I for one can't remember my own phone number what 7 numbers (thank goodness for stored numbers). 

Hope you get some stitching done and some "Pi" eating time as well.

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