Thursday, January 12, 2012

WIPocalypse (Jan. 9) and January Challenge Update

I am not doing a good job at keeping up. My boys and work are keeping me busy. But I think a lot of it had to do we were on vacation during the holidays and I am now just getting things back to normal around here.

First I was supposed to update my blog on the 9th of January with my stitching for the WIPocalypse 2012 that I am currently in. But this did not happend. I really have not stitched on any of my WIPS as I am adding to them by doing the Crazy January Challenge. Is that not really crazy or what. It is kinda defeating the purpose of getting WIP's out of the way. Oh well.....there is always next year or....not by the WIPocalypse that I am in. I shall wait and see.

Next to let you know about my CJC....I am on task with my starts for January. I will post pics hopefully this weekend. We have a swim meet but it should be short and sweet and not last the whole weekend.

Happy stitching.


  1. Giggle I'm sure you can get some WiP after the 15th. Lets hope you finish more than what you leave behind this year.

  2. Hey..we have got to work on whatever fits our mood at the time. Stitching should be a pleasure and not a task. You will get a lot of these done this year. Please post pictures when you can.