Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crazy January is Over.........

I am so happy that the CJC is over.  Last year I got bored with my new starts that half way through the month..."I said to heck with this" and just stitched on what I wanted.  But this year I persevered to the end.  So I have 15 new starts for the year.  Not that I will get back to them any time soon.
So here are the last few starts for January.
25-26 of January I started SB Friends.  I stitched the Friends on the start dates, but have stitched on this since then as my work project.  This is stitching up fast, so I hope to be done by this weekend.

27-28th of January I started Merry Cox's Sampler Band Shaker Box and Accessories.
I have to tell you a little about this one.  I am a big fan of Merry Cox.  (As you can tell by the list projects of hers below that I need to do the finishing on).  My husband and I were in the southern part of Missouri, around the Branson, Table Rock area.  If you come to our part of the states...it seems like there are antique shops everywhere in the boonies. Well there was one shop that we would pass all the time and I told my husband if we have time I would like to stop.   We stopped and as I was looking around I spied a little shaker box that had $20 on it.  I thought was a steal.  So as I was picking it up I noticed this chart that went with it.  My heart was beating fast.  I could not believe it.  Was I actually looking at a kit for a Merry Cox project.  Why yes I was.  This is dated back to 1995.  WOW.  I couldn't let this little shaker box be alone any more and I was happy to give it a loving home.

Then last but not least (I was so happy that this was the end), 29-30th new start was VS Silk Wisteria.  I only stitched on this one day as I was tired of new starts and wanted to get to work on my WIPs.

I was excited as I received my kit for Amy Mitten's new on-line class, Friesland Winder Keeper.  I love the blues and greens of this project.  I will be starting this maybe sometime this weekend.  This will be a work at my own pace project.

Well my WIP's are calling me, come stitch on me.  I hope to have a couple of projects done by this weekend.

Thank you for all the kind comments.  It sure makes me want to stitch, and keep up my blog.  Til next time.  Happy stitching.

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