Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIPocalypse February Check In

Wow...can't beleive it is February already.  Were did January go? 

I finished two things on my list of WIP's.
They are WMN's "Quaker Needlework Treasures" which I have shared a photo below.
I am not sure what it is stitched on as I started this project a couple of years ago.
But the fiber I used was WDW Deep Sea.  The stitching part is done but will have to put this on my list of "Finishings". 
I also finished SB "Friends", which you can see a picture of it here.  This was not actually a WIP.  I started this in my CJC starts, but wanted to get it done for this year.  It went by very fast.  I used the fabric and fibers that were in the kit.
I am working on "ATS" hot an heavy right now.  I have started stitching at least one motiff a night so I can get this done by July.
I thought I would have  "Something Blue" done by this weekend, but my family just does not understand my need for stitching time.   So now my goal is by February to get this one done. 

Other stitching news....
Last Friday I signed up for the Merry Cox classes at the Attic in November.   She is my all time favorite designer.  I have taken several of her classes in Minnesota, Williamsburg, Arkansas and in Arizona.  She is a fabulous teacher and I have learned so much from her.  If you can take a class from her do will not be disappointed. 
I am taking all three clases.  They are Le Nouveau Palais Royal , Sweet Little Blossoms, and her new piece that she just taught at Christmas in Williamsburg this past December So Dear to Thy Heart.  Merry will be teaching her Palais Royal set twice as I suspect the demand for this class is going to be pretty high.  (I signed up for Thursday's class, as my plan will be to fly back home on Sunday.)  Merry brought this to show the last time she taught at the Attic in 2010.  Let me tell is stunning in person.  Everyone right then and there all agreed hands down that she needed to teach that one the next time she came.    There will be prestitching for these classes, and my WIP's will have to be put on the back burner for awhile until I get these done.  As you can see by the list of projects that I still have to do the finishing on, most of them are Merry's pieces.  I do a little bit in class, but I like the comfort of my home and my things for finishing.  I do have pieces that are done and I will save them to show for another time.  

I want to say thank you for stopping by.  As a newbie blogger it is so nice to read comments and personnel emails.  What a great thing this internet is to connect so many stitchers together so we can all share our passion of the needlearts.
Til next time..keep those needles a flying...........................


  1. Wow, you signed up all three classes of Merry's? Wonderful!! I agree with you about how fabulous she is in the class. I haven't been any one of her classes since a couple of years ago, but very tempting with the project she taught at Christmas in Williamsburg last year. But I'll have to finish what I got from her past classes- Ive only finished one out of five!? Decision, decision with a lot of thinking...

  2. Too much fun!!! I love Merry but I think I am going to wait for the Sampler Symposium :-). The Attic is fabulous.

    Congrats on finishing two projects. They are both gorgeous.

  3. Yeah on finishes!

    Enjoy your classes.

  4. You're so lucky to sign up for all 3 of Merry Cox's classes. I'd so love to do it too. I love Merry and her work. Great stitching too!

  5. I love your stitching. Congrats on your two finishes. Enjoy your classes at the Attic. I have a friend that lives near there and raves about the place.

  6. Lovely finishes, congratulations!