Sunday, November 13, 2016

Lovely Weather for Middle of November

NW Arkansas has had a beautiful fall.  We are just now starting to have crisp cold nights.  Day temps have ranged any where from 60-85 degrees.  And the other night I think we had our first frost warning of the season.   I brought in my Pineapple and Hibiscus plants so they will be roasty toasty for the winter.  I looked out my window in my sewing room and I had roses still blooming in November.  Wow. 

I have been stitching but it seems like I am jumping from one project to another and not really accomplishing anything.  Kinda feel like I am in a slump but not really as I really am stitching.  I think what it is, is that I have so much that I want to stitch on and finish and I get so overwhelmed as there is not enough time in the day.....that I just don't want to stitch at all, but look at everyone's else's finishes, wishing I had mine done. I need to get back onto a rotation and stick with the plan. 

May be this will help....or will it.  On Tuesday I am starting a Jackie du Plessis online class with the Shining Needle Society called "Pinks for Pearls".  I just love the soft pastel colors of this project.
I got my kit in the mail yesterday and can't wait to get started. 
Will post progress pictures.

I have taken several online classes with Jackie and 1 class in person.  It seems lately that I am on a Jackie stitching kick.  I won a retired project by Jackie called,  "Cotton Fields".  I had asked her when she was here in Arkansas in August if this was still available.  Sadly "No" she said.  Then I saw it on eBay and won.  It is so cute and all over one.  I have stitched the little tray and now am working on the scissor fob.  

I am also working on The Gifts' Presentation Tray of Jackie's'.  See what I mean about being on a Jackie kick.  I just love the color of this.   It is a pink hand dyed silk.  It will be gorgous once it is done. 

That's it.....once it is done.  I have several projects that needs the finishing done and it seems like I cannot get to the finishing.  I know I need to set aside time but it seems like the boys still need me for somethings.  I guess I shouldn't day they will not be here.  In less then 2 years B will be off to college and in another 2 years R will be following right behind him.  B won't be going to the University of Arkansas as they do not have a men's swim team, so he has set his sights on other colleges.  One being ASU in Tempe.  Oh that would be awesome as I can visit him and Jean Lea at The Attic.  B said he might even stay in the Phoenix area after college.  He loves the area and so do I.  R on the other hand wants to go to MIT.  So one kid on the east coast on a1 kid on the west and me in the middle.  I guess that will work. 

Anyways.....cross county season has ended for R and short course for swimming is beginning to hit full swing.  B is doing well coming off of his shoulder injury.  He is right on his times and getting stronger all the time.  Needs to drop about 5-8 more secs in his breast strokes and then he will be ready for a Div. 1 college.  He is ready right now for a Div. 2 college.  We will see who wants him. 

Well I guess that is about it for now.  Need to get back to stitching on something.
Have a great week fellow stitchers. 

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  1. Hang in there. You are making progress. I have so many smalls that I need to do the finishing work, but I cannot get seem to get around to it. We need a finishing fairy.