Sunday, September 16, 2007

A New Update!!!

I had a nice visit with Jean from Charleston, AR. a week ago Saturday at the Rabbit's Lair. I had met Jean back when Judy Roland had her shop. We both loved Paula Vaughn and then e-mailed from time to time. Then when I found Legacy BB.....I had seen she was on there also. It was such a nice visit and to know that she still loves Paula but has evolved like me to love Reproduction Samplers and Antique Needlework tools. So the visit was wonderful. So Jean I'm updating my blog for you....

Merry Cox came and went here in August. Actually it has been one month today since she taught classes. Can it be already a month gone by? When we waited for over a year for her to come to Arkansas. Had a great time. Visited with friends that I hadn't see in a while and friends that I had met in Phoenix, at The Attic in 2005, when Merry taught out there. Plus met some new ones that I had visited with on the Legacy BB. All in all it was such a wonderful time. Merry said she might come back in we'll keep our fingers crossed and see if she will be available at that time. Two of my stitching friends were able to get all four of their class projects done either in class or just shortly (like a day or two) after classes were over. Needless to say they didn't have kids starting school, Mother flying in, and Husband flying out all at the same time. So that says a lot. I did get Tend Thy Sheep done this past weekend. It went by fast once I started in on it. Will post a picture if I can figure out how to......

Our new school is going great. I can be involved a lot more and have total control over the directory instead of having to wait on someone else. Also all the font's will be the same this time as I will be the only one typing all the information instead of 10 women. Plus I know the time lines and such and that will be a big help. Once I get this all worked out this first will be a breeze for the following years with the templates I am setting up.
Both boys love their teachers. But they are totally opposite. Ryan is really out going and is getting in trouble a little bit more than Brandon ever did. This is not a bad thing...but he just needs to realize that there is a time and a place for studying and playing and to follow the rules more closely. But other wise he is getting there. With Brandon what can I say. Boy wonder who gobbles up everything and wants more to learn. It was so fun to hear him talk about dinosaurs and such. His teacher said he loves science. So we'll see what his future brings him. It is a bright one that is for sure.
Husband just got back from Australia. Lucky him....We will go back together someday. He brought us shirts and such, the boys each got wooden snakes, and I got a pair of opal earrings. Which I did not think he would get me. He also got us the Tim Tam cookies. Which are to die for especially the caramel ones and the original ones that are called Hide em's. Delicious.....and even the boys just thought they were yummy!!!!
We are on a down hill slide now and maybe things will calm down a bit. I finished my SIS Birthday present to Sandye. I stitched the Whitman's Tin Needlebook, biscournu, and scissor sheath, and even lined the tin. I forgot to take pictures of it...but will ask Sandye to bring it at the next meeting so I can. She loved it. Red is her favorite color. I also received my SIS Birthday present this month...and it was from Stacey. She cross stitched and framed a picture for me. It says "Thread Gathering". Under that it has cotton, wool, silk, and under this is spools of thread. I just LOVE it!! It's pretty bad when the only pictures I have hanging up is of the ones that my friends have given me.
I have changed now to a different rotation. I was writing down what I wanted to get done each week on a project. When I did not meet these goals it would really depress me to where I didn't even want to stitch and got to be to overwhelming. Well I decided not to set a goal on any project but to have certain days of the week that I would stitch on things. You can see my list of what I stitch on for the week on the right had side of the page of this blog. This works out real good. Even if I don't get to stitch on something that night...I will have stitched on something for the week, and I feel like I have accomplished something. And now with the weather getting cooler, fall and winter fast approaching, I hope to get more stitching done.
There will be 3 things that I will need to get done here.....a SIS ornament for our December meeting. Which I just got the JCS issue and I have spied some ornies that might be a possibility. I have also sent in my money for classes with Merry Cox in Minnesota in March 2008. So there will be two kits that will need to be pre-stitched, Flowers in the Fall, and A Shepherd's Sewing Case. Kay has already taken the class for Flowers...and the prestitching went fast she said. She is in the process right now of pre-stitching the Shepherd's Case. She brought it for show and tell...and it looks so pretty. I can't wait to get my kits and start stitching on these. The third thing that I have to get going on is SIS birthday present again. I picked someone with an early birthday....and I want to get started on it now because of the other deadlines I have coming up. Especially classes in Minnesota.
Other just keeps coming and I keep pluck'in along. Sometimes it is spinning out of control and other times it is calm. (You know "calm before the storm" LOL).

I hope to update a little bit more these days (Jean)....since I'm getting the hang of picture taking and posting. Sorry this is a little bit long but I hadn't updated in forever.

Happy Stitching,

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